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St. Elmo is a historic district located in the south of Hamilton County in Chattanooga. The heritage rich neighborhood sits within a valley in the Lookout Mountain, at the foot of the Tennessee River. It is among the region’s oldest towns with a history that goes back to the settlement of Native Americans. Although the suburb has undergone some tumultuous times over the decades, it is currently enjoying a revitalized economy as small businesses take root in the region.

A community plan drafted in 2001 by the Chattanooga Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency aimed to transform the suburb into an area where people from all backgrounds will be glad to call home. The town is on its way to achieving this as the community continues to welcome new residents who have discovered the potential of the region. Part of the renewal project has witnessed the restoration of historic houses, which contribute to the charm of the place. A good number of properties are on the National Register and some 19th and 20th-century architecture is preserved.

Tourism in the St. Elmo Area

Located between 2 Indian trails, St. native Americans occupied Elmo during the Woodland period. Hunting and gathering were the economic activities of these settlers who were then replaced by Mississippians who did agriculture. The Cherokees also settled in the area between 1776 and 1786. Before 1929, the town operated as an independent municipality until the annexing, which saw it incorporated into the city of Chattanooga. The little suburb gained popularity during the yellow fever exodus of 1878. As people fled from Chattanooga, they occupied the area around Lookout Mountain.

In the early 1880s, the town saw a boost in its residential community as the region experienced a construction boom. The expansion of an electric trolley between the town and Chattanooga in 1893 also contributed to the developing real estate market. In the following years, more connections between the two Tennessee towns were created including the narrow gauge Incline #1 opened in 1887, the broad gauge line, and Incline #2. These connections allowed both residents and tourists to commute without too much trouble. In 1926, the town got a direct route, which simplified transport further.

One way to experience the beauty of St. Elmo is to ride the Incline from the top of the mountain to the town that rests snugly at the bottom and back up. At the top, you have Lookout Mountain, which is generous with magnificent sceneries. The view of the waterfall is particularly mesmerizing. The mountain also provides an opportunity for different kinds of sports like gliding for those who can handle the thrill. On the way down, take the time to pop into various attractions like the caves and other historical sites. Visitors can either use the cable car or drive to enjoy the sights.

The quaint neighborhood at the bottom welcomes you with a line of delightful restaurants and other eateries where you can stop for snacks. For family outings, the town offers friendly shops and restaurants to sample. Visitors can arrange microbrewery tours to expand their sightseeing. Chattanooga is only a few minutes from the Incline and the historic suburb, so it provides another set of attractions to marvel at.

The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame, for example, is only three minutes from the Incline. For vehicle enthusiasts, the museum is a precious find. Ten minutes from the Incline is the Tennessee Aquarium, which is a must see whether you are visiting with family or not. It houses various marine animals including sharks, penguins, and stingrays. A further distance for the Incline, about 11 minutes, is the Hunter Museum of American Art, which is home to numerous art collections dating back to the colonial era.

St. Elmo Real Estate and the Cost of Living

The neighborhood has evolved into a pretty suburb that is surrounded by historic buildings. You will find several residences from the 1940s while some are older than that and others are undergoing restoration to return their original glory. The concentration of historic buildings gives the region its personality. Besides Victorian bungalows, which characterize this Tennessee neighborhood, there are also small and medium-sized family homes ranging from studio to two-bedroom to 3/4-bedroom houses. Owners and renters are almost in equal proportions in this little town. The median price for real estate is $ 158,184 while rental properties average $940-$1,200, which is lower than a majority of the neighboring regions.

Over the years, the town has grown exponentially to include residents of different cultural backgrounds. St. Elmo contains a high number of Scot-Irish and English-ancestry occupants compared to other areas. The environment is also friendly to students, which has influenced the development of rental apartments. Occupation trends are varied in the neighborhood with a significant population working in professional employment. Other residents have jobs in sales, service, and manufacturing. Such a demographic is an attractive quality for potential buyers who want a vibrant neighborhood. Individuals moving to this suburb can expect a lower crime rate compared to its neighbors. The preferred means of commute is driving.

St Elmo Tennessee offers a neighborhood that has managed to maintain its historic atmosphere without lagging behind in its development. Although still undergoing a renewal phase, the region is suitable for all kinds of homeowners from a young family to a large unit with school-going children. The quiet and laidback environment offers a great setting for raising kids and the perfect escape for a retiree. Residential properties are also available for young professionals and students looking for simple accommodation.

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