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Southside Chattanooga, Tennessee has seen a major revitalization in the past decade. Once the industrial heart of Tennessee’s fourth largest city, the Southside neighborhood had fallen out of favor. Now, thanks to grants and a vision, what was once a neighborhood lined with abandoned buildings has blossomed into an eclectic mix of homes, eateries, art galleries, and entertainment.

City leaders decided to offer grants to encourage growth in the area. Their first goal was to bring housing to the Southside neighborhood. Once there was ample housing, grants were offered to businesses to open storefronts. The grants ended five years ago, but the area has continued to grow ever since.

Tourism in the Southside Chattanooga Area

Not only does this neighborhood offer excellent schools and close proximity to downtown, but it is also near a number of other Chattanooga highlights.


One of the main focuses on the revitalization has been to create a reason for residents and visitors to visit the Southside Chattanooga area. Along Main Street, visitors can take a stroll, visit unique shops, dine in a variety of restaurants, and enjoy the sculptures and artwork of local artists.

Also on Main Street are Area 61 and HART Gallery. These local art galleries feature works from local artists. HART Gallery’s artworks are created by homeless and other local non-traditional artists. It is a non-profit agency that strives to help local artists sell their work. Area 61 is a more traditional gallery, with local woodworkers and craftsmen displaying and selling their crafts.

Due to its proximity to the Tennessee River, Southside was prone to flooding. The city wanted to go above and beyond when solving the problem and created Main Terrain Art Park to benefit residents and visitors. The park acts as a reservoir for flood waters and recycles the water it to reuse in the park. Scenic walkways encourage residents to be more active and artwork fills the park to draw people in.

Locally Crafted Foods

Artwork isn’t the only thing crafted in Southside. Chattanooga is also home to food and drink craftsmen who rival the best in the country. Chattanooga Brewing Company is a great example of this. Its unique brews can be sampled at many local restaurants, as well as bars and taverns.

Other crafted dining companies include Main Street Meets and Niedlov’s Breadworks. Main Street Meats produces meets cut by a local craft butcher, while Niedlov’s brings the local bakery back to Chattanooga. You can try out their foods their local restaurants and many other local eateries.


Raised in Chattanooga, Chef Daniel Lindley returned home to open his third restaurant, Alleia in 2009. Alleia features a rustic Italian menu and is very popular among Chattanooga natives and visitors. Lindley is one of the Southeast’s top 20 chefs and has received several James Bear Foundation nominations.

If you prefer American and Southern classic cuisine The Feed Co. Table and Tavern is another unique Southside Chattanooga eatery. Located in a rehabilitated feed mill, this restaurant combines amazing food with a unique ambiance that beckons to its humble beginnings. Chef Charlie Loomis prepares meals at the Feed Co. from seasonal and locally sourced produce and meats.

STIR is another restaurant that screams local flavor with unique scenery. STIR was built in the Chattanooga Choo Choo, a former railway terminal station. This restaurant and bar pride itself in using local foods, taking advantage of its proximity to the Tennessee River. Seafood, crafted drinks, and hand-cut ice are a few of the samplings you will find here.


Southside Chattanooga does not fall short when it comes to entertainment. They have a variety of venues and activities nearby. If you wish to attend a concert, nearby Track 29 is located in Chattanooga Choo Choo on Market Street. It is a great place to catch your favorite musician. If you would rather play ping pong to live honky tonk music and have some great food and a beer with your friends, Clyde’s On Main is another fun place to visit.

For family-friendly fun, check out a football or soccer game at Finley Stadium Davenport Field. If you want to do something together instead, you may prefer to bowl or play other games with your friends and family at Southside Social. This boutique-style bowling alley and restaurant offers many games and has a courtyard with fire pits, horseshoes, corn holes, and more.

Southside Chattanooga Real Estate and the Cost of Living

Chattanooga, Tennessee is home to an estimated 177,571 residents. The average home price runs $225,000 with rentals having a median cost of $584 per month. Currently, Southside rent prices vary from $895 per month for a 1 bed, 1 bath apartment and $2,200 per month for a 2 beds, 1 bath condominium.

Most of the recently sold homes in the neighborhood were bordered by 17th, 19th, Long, and Cowart Streets. These homes generally sold between $270,000 and $300,000. This area is within close walking distance of public transportation and many other highlights in Chattanooga.

Properties in the Southside neighborhood of Chattanooga are a great place to invest in real estate. Families and singles alike can find a lot to love in the neighborhood and don’t have to travel far to get see the best Chattanooga has to offer. For property management, please contact us today for a market analysis of your rental property.

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