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Soddy Daisy is located in Hamilton County in Southeastern Tennessee. Situated 17 miles northeast of state capitol Chattanooga, the city had a population of over 13,000 as of 2016. Boasting a graceful rural feel and a relatively low cost of living, this city and region have proved increasingly popular to Chattanooga workers looking to rent or purchase property.


Local Geography and Climate

The city comprises 28.3 square miles and lies at the base of the Cumberland Plateau. Chickamauga Lake runs through much of the region; elsewhere, a wooded mountain range flanks the city on its western edge. It lies within the broader Chickamauga Creek Natural Are and, like much of rural Tennessee, is renowned for its trails and hiking opportunities.

This town receives on average 55 inches of rain a year, higher than the national average. With 5.6 inches of rain falling, many consider December the wettest month. The average January low hovers around 29 degrees with an average July high of 89 degrees. Its average annual humidity of 76.60% nearly matches the U.S average of 77.52%. The town enjoys an average of 209 days of sun per year.


The communities of Soddy and Daisy incorporated in April 1969 to create the present city. Often considered one of the odder city names in the country, how these two communities received their names is a mystery. Soddy was believed to derive from the Choctaw word “Tsati” that referred to the region’s original inhabitants. There was also a William Sodder who ran a trading post. Meanwhile, many believe that the name of Daisy referred to the daughter of coal magnate Thomas Parks who established the Daisy Coal Company in April 1881. The arrival of coal mining led to increased growth in both communities.


According to Census figures, the population of the Soddy Daisy stood in 1970 at 7,569 inhabitants. Over the succeeding decades, population grew steadily with a minor boom between 1990 as 2000 as the population increased 40% to 11, 530. Between 2010 and 2016, the population grew at just over 2%.

The population is 98% Caucasian, higher than the Tennessee average. As of 2016, there were 5,129 households in the city. Its square mile density of just over 560 inhabitants is more than 250% higher than the state average. The median resident age is 42.1 years. While somewhat higher than the national average of 37.4 years, Soddy Daisy remains by and large a city of families. The age-range of its inhabitants is fairly evenly spread with 23% under the age of 18 and 13.5% aged 65 or older.

Schools and Education

The school district includes five public schools, with Allen Elementary ranked the highest of its public schools at 123rd out of 853 Tennessee PK-05 schools. The school district spends 8,841$ per student with an average 14 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio. The average test scores remain 15% higher than the national average.

As of 2015, over 84% of the population of the city over 25 had finished high school while 18.1% held a Bachelor’s degree or higher. 

Things to Do in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

Nestled right in the middle of the scenic Chickamauga Creek Natural Area, abundant opportunities exist just outside the city for exploring the outdoors. You will find numerous hiking trails of varying difficulty. These trails follow a winding path directly through craggy rock formations which, at one point, crosses over a flowing creek via a bridge. Lush scenery ensures that as the seasons change, there will always be something new to enjoy. The Stevenson Branch campsite permits free camping but spots must be reserved in advance. Meanwhile, the nearby lake features marinas and launching facilities intended for sport and hobby fishing.

Within the city, the Parks and Recreation Department operates four parks and three playgrounds. All parks feature a walking path. State Park, the most northern park in the city, features a public fishing pier. The newest park, Holly Park, overlooks the lake and includes picnic tables with a full lake view.

Soddy Daisy Real Estate and the Cost of Living

The median owner-occupied income is $55,000 with a per capita income at $25, 000. Both of these figures are somewhat lower than the state and national averages. The unemployment rate is 4.8%. The fields of management, business, or finance employ 33.75% of the population, almost twice the percentage of its second-highest employment category of sales and office support.

With a local sales tax of 9.0%, Tennessee boasts no state income tax, one of seven states in the country to share this distinction. Overall, the cost of living remains steady at 11.10%, lower than the national average.

Real Estate Options

According to Zillow.com, the average home price in Soddy Daisy stands at $140,000, expecting to rise 3.6% over the next year. This median home price is 29% lower than the national average. The median amount of household rooms has been consistent at 5.5 rooms with 2.5 inhabitants serving as the median household size. The rate of owner-occupied properties is 72% while the amount of renter-occupied households stands at 28%. The average monthly rent for a one bedroom unit is $774, a one-bedroom unit rents for $971 with a two-bedroom monthly rent running $1101.

Overall, Zillow.com rates the city’s real estate market health an 8.2/10 which is deemed very healthy. The cost of housing in general remains 25% lower than the national average.

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