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Signal Mountain, Tennessee, is ten miles from Chattanooga. It is located on the Walden Ridge and is part of the Cumberland Plateau. It is a residential community with most residents commuting to work in Chattanooga. It has two elementary schools and a combination middle school and high school. Amenities include a community center, a library, a playhouse, an athletic club, and a golf club.


Native Americans used a spot on the mountain called Signal Point to transmit smoke and fire signals across the Tennessee Valley. During the Civil War, the Union Army used it as a communication base. At that time, it was sparsely populated. However, in 1873 and 1878, Chattanooga experienced yellow fever and cholera epidemics, and some wealthy families moved to the mountain for clean water and clear air.

Development began around the Signal Point area in the early 20th century, when Charles E. James bought 4,400 acres of land and sold it in parcels for summer homesteads. He used some of the land to build a grand hotel, the Signal Mountain Inn. Twelve miles of street car tracks connecting Signal Mountain to Chattanooga were completed in 1913. Some of the tracks are still visible in the historic district. In 1918, he added a golf course. However, there was a problem. Prior to the development, farmers in the area had allowed their livestock to roam freely and graze on the mountain. Now, the livestock was grazing in the yards of residents and on the golf course. The town requested and received a charter from the state legislature in 1919. The new town government immediately outlawed animals in town and hired a man on a horse to clear out the animals.



According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2010, the population of Signal Mountain was 8,264 living in 3,246 households. Among the population, 96% had a high school degree or higher and 62.4% had a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income was $94,000 and the median per capita income was $46,867.

In 2010, there were 3,168 housing units with 85.7% owner-occupied. The median value of owner-occupied housing was $305,000. The median monthly cost of owner-occupied housing with a mortgage was $1,839. The median monthly cost of owner-occupied housing without a mortgage was $557. The median monthly rent was $1,585.

Things to Do in Signal Mountain

Cumberland Trail

Signal Point Park is the southernmost point of the Cumberland Trail. The Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail is a hiking trail along the Cumberland Plateau. It runs from Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area to the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Covering two time zones and 11 counties, it was 210 miles long in November 2016 with plans to extend it to over 300 miles. It is Tennessee’s only linear park. When it was created in 1998, it was the state’s 53rd state park.

The Signal Point Park section of the Cumberland Trail ends at Suck Creek Road and is 8.4 miles long. Sections of the trail are strenuous with rough, rocky terrain, steep bluffs, and a 400 foot difference in elevation levels. Camping is allowed at Lockhart’s Arch Campsite, approximately two miles from the start of the trail, and at North Suck Creek Campsite, approximately seven miles from the start of the trail. Those intending to camp overnight should park at Rainbow Lake Wilderness Area because overnight parking is not allowed at Signal Point

From Signal Point Park, with its overlook of the Tennessee River Gorge, Williams Island, Raccoon Mountain, and Chattanooga, the trail descends 200 feet to Middle Creek Gorge. You will be in an area called “the mousetrap” using ramps and steps that can be slippery when wet. You will pass the Rainbow Lake Wilderness Area, cross the Middle Creek Gorge, enter Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area, and climb to the plateau rim with another overlook of the Tennessee River Gorge. At this overlook, you will see Edwards Point. If there has been enough rain, you will also see the 95 foot Julia Falls. About a half mile farther is the Rainbow Falls. Then, the trail goes down into North Suck Creek Gorge and uses a suspension bridge to cross the creek. Upstream is the Rainbow Lake dam. Other trails merge at this point and you may choose to follow one of them. If you continue on the Cumberland Trail, you will climb 200 feet to Edwards Point near the Middle Creek Arches which are composed of limestone. Once at the top, you are 200 feet from Lockhart’s Arch. A mile up the trail, there is another climb. You are now in a section with a variety of plants and several seasonal creek crossing. At about six and a half miles, you pass Mushroom Rock, a 20-foot rock pedestal with a capstone on top. Then, rock steps take you down 300 feet into the North Suck Creek Gorge where you will cross a 225-foot suspension bridge to the North Suck Creek Campsite. A 400-foot ascent follows with another descent in half a mile. Then you will climb steps to Suck Creek Road. If you walk 100 yards to the right, cross the road, and climb more steps to Poplar Spring Trail, you will come to a pullout for parking. Note that all water on this trail should be treated.

Raccoon Mountain Caverns

The Raccoon Mountain Caverns are limestone caverns with large waterfalls, amazing scenery, fossils, and a variety of formations and passages. It allows those who enjoy caving to be challenged. Cavers help each other walk, climb, and crawl through passageways, and over and under formations. Helmets, lights, gloves, and pads are provided and required. Guided walking tours are also available for the general public of any age and skill level. The Raccoon Mountain Caverns are located at 319 West Hills Drive in Chattanooga.

The Mountain Opry

The Mountain Opry is for fans of bluegrass and old-time country bands. Every Friday night through September 29th, bands take the stage starting at 8 pm and play 30 minute sets at the Walden Ridge Civic Center, 2501 Fairmont Pike. Admission is free.

There are also numerous ways to explore the Tennessee River located in Chattanooga.

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