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Located just minutes from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, approximately 1,800 residents live in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. The area was first settled by the Cherokee Native Americans before they were displaced by the Trail of Tears. After that, the governor of the state gave the land to James A. Whiteside who built the first road through the area following the path used by the Cherokees. Soon, many wealthy Chattanooga families moved to the area building a luxury resort community.

Tourism in the Lookout Mountain Area

Tourism is still the major industry in the area today. It is home to Ruby Falls which is the deepest cave in America and contains the largest underground waterfall that is open to the public. The area is also home to the world’s steepest passenger railway. Many people go to Rock City for special festivals, to go climbing, and to walk across the 200-foot swinging bridge. At Rock City, it is possible to hike up the mountain allowing you to see seven states at one time.

This area was vital during the Civil War. Visitors can learn more about the battles that took place on Lookout Mountain by visiting the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. This national military park was the first one opened in the nation. You can start your visit to this park containing over 1,400 monuments and historical markers at the Lookout Mountain Battlefield. Make sure to attend the ranger-led programs so that you can learn more about this important part of the United States’ history.

The park holds several special events throughout the year. For example, bikers are encouraged to take bike tours following the footsteps of Union and Confederate Soldiers. At other times, special kayak tours are given allowing participants to learn about how the waterways were crucial in the Union victory. Furthermore, living historians often portray certain aspects of life taking place during the war at this park. Many area residents are interested in history and love to share that interest with others.

Lookout Mountain Real Estate and the Cost of Living

This community of about 2,000 people holds education in high esteem. Not only is the school system well rated, but about 79 percent of residents have a college degree and about 34 percent have completed a master’s or doctorate program. Many of these residents commute into downtown Chattanooga to work. They choose to live in this 96 percent white community because of its low crime rate and its livability. There is almost an even mix of males and females in this community where the average age is 46.

The median income in Lookout Mountain was $74,089 in 2010. This was well above the state and national average. Incomes have continued to climb since then. Many homes in the community were built before World War II. Additionally, many homes built in the early 1900s have been lovingly restored.

About 87 percent of the people living in Lookout Mountain are buying or have purchased their home. The median home value is $468,900. Home values declined about 3.5 percent over the last year, but experts expect those homes to raise in value by about 5.5 percent over the next year. Over the last decade, homes in this community have grown in value by almost 13 percent.

This community’s location between the Appalachian Mountains to the east and the Cumberland Mountains to the west enjoys a warmer winter than much of the state. The Cumberland Mountains block the cold winds from hitting this community keeping temperatures more moderate throughout the winter.

Unlike nearby larger communities, there are really no good or bad neighborhoods in this rural community covering just 1.3 square miles. When good things happen, everyone celebrates together. When tragedy strikes, everyone works together to overcome it in the best way possible.

The average rental price in this Tennessee community is $1,065 per month. That figure has increased by almost 13 percent over the last year. Like the price of buying a home, it is likely to continue to increase over the next year and beyond. Therefore, it may be the perfect time to buy investment property in this small rural community.

There are many reasons to be excited about investing in this community. Great schools, outstanding things to do and short commutes top many people’s lists of why they want to live here. While people have their privacy, this community rallies together in good times and in bad. We would love to talk to you today about your rental property in this community. We pride ourselves on being the friendly experts in this Tennessee community. Call us for your comprehensive market analysis.

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