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Brainerd, located in the bonny southern region of Tennessee, is near Chattanooga, which is the fourth-largest city in the state. The average rental fees in the area range between $1500-$2600 per month, and the prospects for rent increases are promising as the region continues to develop. This has resulted in an increased demand for experienced, local property managers to handle increasingly-valuable properties. 

Brainerd Rental Property Management Services

As the cost of renting in Brainerd continues to climb, so do the expectations of those seeking professional rental property management services nearby. Our marketing goals target active rental prospects via the leading online and offline outlets to maximize reach. Our Brainerd property management team screens tenants so that you know your properties are being rented by responsible, accountable adults. 

Collecting rent, which is the cornerstone of what pays for all of your bills, is treated like a science. Our finely-tuned machine of a process makes sure that your Brainerd property rent collection goes smoothly, making sure what you’re owed is collected on time and that your legal rights are protected in the event of nonpayment. Lease rules are always detailed in full during the time of signing, and our local property management team handles eviction proceedings should there be any breach of contract. 

We take care of all your tenants’ requested work orders and maintenance needs, making sure that you’re kept informed and that more expensive requests have your green light to proceed. Keyrenter makes sure that your Brainerd properties are well-maintained and safe by conducting regular inspections. Our team of industry professionals makes sure that repair requests are legitimate and necessary before committing to the expense. 

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